This reciprocal experiment develops a system of cantilevered beams supported by elements in compression and objects held in tension through cable systems that connect to a beam, mast, and base. The addition of each beam requires the intervention of cable systems and counterweights, in essence joining together to create a kit of parts system that works together to make one sound and stable structure. Each subtle shift in beam size, cable length, weight of each element, beg a new formation of elements proving the necessity of each part of the system. The cables held in tension harken back to the cables of the ‘House with a missing column’ by Christian Kerez or that of ‘Maison a Floirac’ by Rem Koolhaas and OMA, and the compression of the key stone and beams speak to the elemental finish of the stone in ‘Hemeroscopium House’ by Ensamble Studio that allows the construction to hold in formation.

Through the series of iterations, the cantilevered beams intersect and stack in order to shape space in and around the elements. Each iteration begs a set of questions about the role of each element, the intervention of the cable strung through each beam or held in tension by a mast, or the role of spaced cylindrical pieces held in compression by the weight of the beams as the construction rises vertically. While the iterations are not the addition of one element at a time, each iteration is composed to question a different principle and in turn, a different form arises.

Gabriel Gomes Raymundo
Tasiana Paolisso
Nicole Yip