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This project uses beams made of wood strips, loads produced by wooden blocks of various sizes, and tensile forces produced by elastic hosiery fabric, carried over from our previous Equilibrium experiment. The base is divided into an equal grid, as well the beams, which are slightly notched at the same intervals as the base. There is a set of two beams that work in conjunction with one another at each level or ‘iteration’. The beams are set in their placement according to the notches on the previous beam upon which it resides, and a tandem system of elastic bands and bridging work solely in compression between the pieces of wood  prevent shear (similar to the bridging of joists in framing construction). Each uppermost beam holds a cantilevering load, tied down with tensile fabric. When stacking to five iterations high, this force grew stronger and the opposing tensile force had to be increased to combat the increasingly heavy cantilever. Our variations are two pursuits, one being vertical, then an equally vertical but also horizontal development that extended far past the base, essentially, showing that we could not only support a load that was far from its initial points of support on the ground vertically, but also push it quite far horizontally while the entire system still remained in a delicate, but precise equilibrium.

Michelle Schneider

Kip Langat

Yun Koo